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Tool Test – Bosch PS-10-2 I-Driver

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From November 2006 Popular Woodworking

I’ve never understood the “bigger must be better” philosophy in cordless screwdrivers. Yes, you need the power to get the job done, but I’d rather have a tool that will fit into tight places, and won’t strain my wrist and forearm every time I pick it up to use it.
The new PS-10-2 Litheon I-Driver is a tremendous addition to my power-tool arsenal. This new battery technology delivers power to spare in a compact, lightweight package. It performs comparably to a standard 12-volt cordless drill, and the five-position articulating head allows it to go where larger drivers won’t fit. A button on the side allows the head to pivot from a right angle to an inline position.

I found it most comfortable to use with the head at 90Ã?º to the motor. I don’t need a right-angle driver every day, but when I do, this is a great tool. Most on the market aren’t comfortable for everyday use, but this little guy has become my “go to” driver for most applications. It’s comfortable, powerful and versatile, and it’s nice to have five ways to point it.

The kit includes the driver with seven clutch settings, two batteries and a charger with a soft-sided case. It costs about as much as a 12v drill kit. After years of seeing more of the same in cordless drills, it’s nice to see a product that obviously has some thoughtful engineering behind it

– Bob Lang

More information on the I-Driver from Bosch

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  • Alan Wesley

    I too have found this to be a fantastic tool. It is my first Li-I battery, and I can’t believe how long this holds a charge while sitting on the bench (while my NiCads are always running down). The power adjustment settings work great allowing one to sneak up on a perfect recessed screw.

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