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<B>Steel reinforced plastic. </B>Even with a steel backing, the insert flexes a bit at the back.

Steel reinforced plastic. Even with a steel backing, the insert flexes a bit at the back.

Woodworkers have been waiting for more than two years for the SawStop Contractor Saw to come to market. What’s so special about this saw is the internal SawStop workings – the contact detection and braking system. That’s the main focus on this saw. We’ve all seen the hot dog presentation.

But that’s not the only thing worth talking about when you examine this saw. There are details that stand out and speak volumes of the saw as well as the company behind it.

Out of the box, this machine was far and away the easiest I’ve ever assembled. Each section of the assembly was color-coded and any hardware needed for that section was likewise packaged. In fact, to make this process better, SawStop included posters with clear, concise instructions. Fit and finish were near perfect and the entire build was smooth.

Our setup (#CNS175-TGP36) includes the saw with a 36″ Professional “T-Glide” fence plus two cast iron wings. We added the mobile base, too.

Even though the stamped wings are nice, go for the cast wings. Cast iron wings add nearly 70 pounds to the machine, and that increases vibration absorption of the saw.

If you plan to move your saw around the shop, the integral mobile base is the way to go. It’s smooth to operate and lifts the entire saw with ease. At $160 the mobile base is a must-have. It is much better than an after-market base – no more toe stubbing on ill-placed wheels or braces.

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