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Tool: 12v Brushless Drill/Driver GSR12V-300B22 Shop Now  

Manufacturer: Bosch

MSRP: $129 (Includes charger, case, and two 2ah batteries)

Shopping for a drill is often an exercise in compromise. You have to choose between 12v or 18/20v, how many batteries you need, and strike a balance between comfort and overall power.  At only 31.5 oz and 7″ tall (both including battery) the Bosch GSR12V-300B22 is one of the most compact and lightweight 12v drills on the market today. The flip side is that while it’s a great 12v drill, it’s not really built for the more grueling tasks you’d ask an 18v drill to do. 

Those of you out there with more patience would of course never use a 12-volt drill for heavy-duty tasks, but others, like myself, are going to grab the closest drill at hand for whatever task we’re undertaking. If the task is installing hinges or hardware, or drilling pilot holes, the Bosch is an absolute pleasure to use. It’s incredibly balanced, which makes it great for a whole day of use, which you can do thanks to the two included batteries. But if you’re say, drilling lag screws into poplar, a sudden torque deficit becomes apparent.  On the highest clutch setting, there wasn’t enough torque to drive a single lag all the way into the wood. If the clutch was disengaged it had no issue, but that’s not a recommended practice for installing fasteners.

If the compromise you’re looking to strike is for the lightest tool for all-day use, then the Bosch GSR12V-300B22 is the tool for you. It’s also on the inexpensive end of the spectrum, with a $129 MSRP. But if you’re in need of heavy-duty power, an 18v drill like the Bosch GSR18v-190B33 is probably a better choice.

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