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PWE151011_FittingCabinet387pxQ: I plan to build and install frameless European-style cabinets in my kitchen. I know how to scribe face-frame cabinets to fit into corners but, from what I’ve seen, there’s nothing to scribe on a frameless cabinet. How’s it done?

A: It’s actually pretty easy. What you do is attach a scribe to the end of the cabinet that goes into the corner. The scribe does several things: It moves the end of the cabinet away from the wall so the door can open past 90 degrees. It also provides a thin edge that’s easy to trim for a tight fit against the wall. Finally, it gives a cabinet run a nice finished look where it meets a wall.

Typically, the scribe face is made 1- to 1-1/2 in. wide, but you’re free to do what you think looks best. Cut a rabbet on the edge of the face piece that fits against the wall. Trim the rabbeted edge until it fits snugly and plumb on the wall where the cabinet will hang. Glue a screw flange onto the back of the face piece, screw the scribe to the cabinet and hang.

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