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A Happy Ending for a Terrible Chair

Upholsterer Mike Mascelli was kind enough to send along some photos of what happened in his class to the terrible chair frame I wrote about this week. It’s a bit like the story of George [...]

Tools from Down Under

Chris Vesper strives for precision and perfection in toolmaking (and dancing). by Christopher Schwarz When it comes to settling the issue of who is the most dedicated toolmaker on the planet, [...]

A Teacup & 8 Dinner Plates

Not only living beings retain a soul; some objects do as well. by Toshio Odate The word “Pantheism” is defined as “the religious belief or philosophical doctrine, which identifies the universe [...]

Quick-release Vise Squad

If I’m going to get my workbench build started in December I’ll have to pull out all the stops. I’ve a project underway for which I soon hope to have a video done, and any [...]

My Difficult Relationship With Exotics

Being raised Protestant, guilt isn’t at the fiber of my being. But I know guilt; my wife is Catholic. And I get a feeling that resembles guilt whenever I work with tropical hardwoods. Like many [...]

Arts & Crafts Bookcase

Dramatic details showcase leaded glass and English style. by Nancy R. Hiller p. 24 Some of the most aesthetically compelling pieces of furniture I’ve seen in the Arts & Crafts style were made [...]

Apologia for the Custom Handplane

The best rationale for these ultra high-end tools might not be what you think. by Raney Nelson p. 32 Over the past decade, I’ve made somewhere approaching a couple hundred custom handplanes, both [...]

Japanese Sliding-lid box

This clever and simple piece is great for storing tools, toys or a kimono. by Christopher Schwarz p. 37 While picking though a table of vintage Japanese tools for sale in 2013, I spotted this [...]

Toshio Odate

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. by John Kelsey p. 41 In his unusual life, Toshio Odate, now 85, has not only stepped from one continent and culture to another – from rural Japan to urban [...]

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