A Happy Ending for a Terrible Chair

Upholsterer Mike Mascelli was kind enough to send along some photos of what happened in his class to the terrible chair frame I wrote about this week. It’s a bit like the story of George [...]

Quick-release Vise Squad

If I’m going to get my workbench build started in December I’ll have to pull out all the stops. I’ve a project underway for which I soon hope to have a video done, and any [...]

My Difficult Relationship With Exotics

Being raised Protestant, guilt isn’t at the fiber of my being. But I know guilt; my wife is Catholic. And I get a feeling that resembles guilt whenever I work with tropical hardwoods. Like many [...]

How to Apply Wood Veneer with Backing

When hobbyist woodworkers do any sort of veneering, they usually work with raw veneers. These un-backed sheets are great for small projects, and though they can be used for large work, most [...]

‘Folding Stool’ SketchUp Model

This is a model of the I Can Do That “Folding Stool” from the November 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Download the free SketchUp model here. See all our SketchUp Models [...]

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