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The Maloof Chair Joint

Sam Maloof’s sculpted rocking chairs are iconic, so much so that his name is synonymous with that furniture style. As his chair designs advanced, so did their construction.

Finish for Maloof-style chair

I got a call from a fellow who made a Sam Maloof-style chair and screwed up the finish using Maloof’s formula. I thought, how can you screw up a Maloof finish? Maloof combined three products – [...]

Maloof-style Cabinet with Leather Pulls

As a follow-up to a recent post about shop-made leather drawer pulls, I thought I’d share with you a photo of the completed sideboard. Just how did this piece evolve? There’s a Sam [...]

Maloof & More Exhibit in California

Like most Ohioans, I don’t need much of an excuse to scheme on making a trip to Southern California, especially at this time of year. It’s not just the fact that the days are getting [...]

End of An Era

We like to attach significance to arbitrary dates; “Best of the Year” or “Best of the Decade” lists appear everywhere. It’s a good chance to reflect, but real life [...]

Sam Maloof’s Sculpted-base Table

One of the earliest projects featured in Pacific Woodworker (the forebear to Popular Woodworking) was a table built by the legendary woodworker Sam Maloof. Here, you'll find [...]

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