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Vise in a Vise

I don’t use my machinist’s vise often enough to dedicate any of my limited bench space to it. Instead, I keep it tucked under a nearby cabinet for occasional use. I bolted the vise to a board [...]

Remembering Sam Maloof

Designer and builder of elegant but simple iconic furniture. Editor’s note: This piece was originally published in the December 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking in memoriam of Sam’s [...]

Safer Sheet-goods Sawing

I use a portable circular saw to break down plywood and other sheet goods into manageable pieces before bringing them to the table saw for final sizing. I prefer to do the job on sawhorses rather [...]

Get the Most From Your Router

  These tips and tricks will take you a long way toward success. The router is, simply put, a multi-tasking workhorse in the woodshop. But you would be surprised by how many folks don’t get [...]

Quick Panel-finishing Setup

Quick Panel-finishing Setup When making frame-and-panel doors, my panels are finished before installing them into their frames. The fact that the edges will be tucked into the frames allows for a [...]

Bibliophile’s Bookcase

With simple lines and straightforward joinery, this project yields ample shelf space (and drawers to boot). This large case-on-case shelving unit is adapted from similar pieces I’ve seen in [...]

Online Extras: December 2009 Issue

Online Extras from the December 2009 issue the Wood Whisperer video on Flush Trim bits, the video of Trevor Smith's students building boomerangs and then send their projects soaring, the Great [...]

Shooting Boards

Small work is safer – and easier – to size with a handplane and shooting board. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 62-65 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now I have been a woodworker for 38 [...]

Best New Tools: 2009

By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 57-61 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now With the world’s economy taking a nose dive in 2009, we saw a lot of things happen to the tool-making [...]

Compact 12v Drill-Drivers

These small tools pack a punch. What might seem a step down actually has big benefits. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 36-41 From the December 2009 issue #180 Buy this issue now Drill-drivers have moved [...]

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