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Super-Safe Contractors Saw

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Remember the hot dog saw? That's the one whose blade stops and drops below the table the instant it touched the hot dog–or your finger. Well, that was a cabinet saw, and now the same company, SawStop, is introducing a contractor's-style saw. As you'd expect, it costs much less than their cabinet saw. The contractor's saw will use the same highly engineered blade-stopping technology as the cabinet saw. We think it's the best safety feature to be introduced in years. But will it be a good saw, otherwise? We've been using the cabinet-saw version for three years now in our own shop—it's our main saw—and we think it's a terrific machine. We've tested the brake mechanism (yes, it works as advertised!) and tried out every feature. It's as good or better than any other cabinet saw on the market. We haven't seen the contractor's saw yet, but SawStop says “it will be the best contractor's saw made.” Judging by their track record, we think you can take that to the bank. SawStop says that their contractor's saws will be available in the spring of 2008, and should cost about $1,500.

SawStop, (866) 570-3200, 10” Contractor's Saw, about $1,500.



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