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Magic Molder Wins Sequoia Award

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The Magic Molder, a molding head for tablesaws, won the Sequoia New Product Award for leadership in ergonomics and safety at the 2007 Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) fair.  The Molder accommodates detail plugs with carbide-tipped profiles and integral anti-kickback, chip-limiting design. The detail plugs install easily and lock securely. Eighty-three different profiles are available. Used separately or in combination, the carbide-tipped plugs allow creating an amazing variety of moldings in wood, MDF and solid-surface materials. The operator's manual includes full-size drawings of all the detail plugs. It also features fourteen pages of diagrams showing how to create complex moldings by combining various detail plugs. These diagrams cover all the basic set-ups, including tilting the head or using the Magic Molder Fence (available separately).The Molder is available separately or packaged with two or four sets of plugs (each set includes a pair of plugs). All 83 plug sets are available individually. An industrial 4-plug version of the Molder is also available.

LRH Enterprises, (800) 423-2544, Magic Molder alone, $107; Plug sets $99 per pair; Starter Set: Magic Molder + 2 plug sets, $265; Advanced Starter Set: Magic Molder + 4 plug set, $416; Magic Molder Fence, #MM-F, $166.


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