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New Fein MultiMaster

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No doubt you've seen the Fein MultiMaster before–a tool with an oscillating head and lots of attachments for sanding, sawing and scraping. It just got better. The new MultiMaster has a new tool-free system that's much more convenient to use for changing attachments. Just open the clamping lever on top of the tool to remove an accessory, pop in a new one, and you're ready to go back to work in 5 to 10 seconds. The new MultiMaster is also more powerful than older models and comes with a wider range of accessories in four different kits. For woodworkers, Fein has added a new HSS saw blade, 3-9/16-in. dia., that's perfect for hardwoods and laminates. It turns the MultiMaster into an oscillating saw that can get you out of a jam in tight places. Fein has also designed a new bench-mounted jig for stationary applications. It allows you to position the MultiMaster at multiple angles, and should be a boon to any woodworker filing or sanding small parts. 

Fein, (800) 441-9878, MultiMaster sets from $199 to $399.


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