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Faster Sharpening

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One of my favorite sharpening tools is a diamond paddle. I use it for router bits, knives and, most importantly, scrapers. The problem is that it cuts so fast the tiny spaces between the diamonds quickly fill with metal particles, called swarf, which slows or even stops the cutting action. Most instructions suggest using water to wash away the swarf. Water works well enough, but household oil works much faster.


I put a few drops of oil on the paddle and a few more on a rag. When the swarf builds up, I wipe the paddle on the rag. In no time, the paddle is clean as a whistle. I oil the paddle again and it’s ready to go back to work. Every sharpening tool, whether it’s a file, waterstone, sandpaper or this diamond paddle, cuts faster when it’s free of swarf buildup. Fast is good, because the fewer strokes you take, the more accurate you’ll be.




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