Spray Booth for Waterborne Finishes





Fifty bucks and a few hours is all it takes to put together this finishing booth. It keeps overspray off my tools and dust off my projects. Since I use waterborne finishes, I’m able to use a regular box fan in the window to vent the fumes. A furnace filter over the fan keeps overspray off the fan blades. Before spraying I thoroughly sweep my shop floor, put down paper and crack open my garage door several inches to make up for the air being blown outside by the fan.


I built the booth by first stapling an 8-ft. by 8-ft. piece of plastic to the ceiling. Then I stapled the top edge of the plastic walls to 2x2s, which I screwed to the ceiling rafters. Once the plastic walls were hung, I stapled 2x2s to the bottom edge of the plastic. I cut a hole in the back plastic wall for the fan. To store the plastic walls I roll them up and hang them on loops of rope that hook onto screw heads. This booth also works great for brushed-on finishes.