Remote-Control Dust Collection




Do you turn on your dust collector every time you should? “I'm only making one cut,” you say. But how many times in a day do you make “only one cut”? A lot of devices on the market allow conveniently controlling your dust collector from a distance, but they have to be added to the system after the fact and cost $50 to $300. New dust collectors from Jet come with a remote switch built into the machine. It adds about $50 to the machine's cost. For that you get an onboard timer that allows the collector to run from one to 99 minutes. You also get a handheld remote control that is small enough to carry in your pocket. With a push of the button, your dust collector is on or off. Unfortunately the signal won't travel through a wall, so your collector must be in the same room you are. Some add-on systems from other manufacturers do have signals that will penetrate a wall. The remote control and timer system is available on three dust-collector models, which pull 650, 1,100, and 1,200 cubic feet per minute (cfm). Each model is available with a standard filter bag or canister-style filter and quick-install collector bags.

Jet Tools, (800) 274-6848,, Dust collectors with remote control and timer: DC-650, standard filter bags, $280, DC-650, canister filter, $400, DC-1100, standard filter bags, $350, DC-1100, canister filter, $500, DC-1200, standard filter bags, $450, DC-1200, canister filter, $550.