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Multi-Plug Cord

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After pulling the cars out, I used to stretch extension cords all over my garage shop. But with my big feet, I kept tripping over those darned things. One day a neighbor heard my salty language and showed me the answer: the Herrington Multi-Outlet extension cord. Wow! What a difference. Outlets are spaced every 8 ft. on the cord. You can plug a tool in right where you're working. Best of all, the built-in mounting loops allow me to string the cord up on the wall. No more cords on the floor. Each outlet has a little green light that glows when the juice is on.

Herrington, (800) 622-5221,, 25-ft., 14-gauge cord with three outlets, #T112, $30, 50-ft., 12-gauge cord with six outlets, #T113, $70.


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