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Furniture Society 2007 – Camosun College Retrospecitve Show

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One great gathering and five great shows.


Members' Show

Camosun College Retrospective Show  

Camosun Student Chair Show  

Cultural Mosaic Show

Cascadia Show




Burnt China Bedside Table by Peter Bavinton
Bamboo, Baked Birch, Ebony, Antique Drawer Front
Class of 2000

Whiskey Cabinet by Joe Gelinas
Makore, Bamboo, Bloodwood, Boxwood, Glass
Class of 1995
 “A desire to house a small collection of whiskey was the ‘excuse' for building this cabinet.  Since I began my journey as a craftsman, I have greatly admired the work of James Krenov.  While not wanting to copy him, I did want to have a go at building my own version of a cabinet on a stand.  There is a distinct pleasure in approaching a finely crafted cabinet and pulling open a door to see what is inside…Opening the doors of this cabinet will reveal the space for whisky, glasses and a serving tray.”

End Table with 9 Marbles by Kinga-Rita Ligetavari
Hemlock, Marbles
Class of 2000

Puddle Table by Lisa Large
Class of 2001
“This puddle table was designed as a child's craft table meant for use on rainy days.”


By Sandra Carr
"I have always considered pacific Yew to be BC's most beautiful indigenous tree species.  It's colour, hardness and grain are exceptional.
Retro-modern styling combined with traditional joinery made this piece very rewarding to build.  My designs usually incorporate exposed joinery of some kind.  However for this piece, I wanted to challenge myself by relying on clean lines and careful proportion rather than expressed structure.  So, it was with some sadness that the piece was assembled and the beautifully complex joints were hidden forever.  That's OK…I know they're in there."

Wall Hung Cabinet by Brian Dodge
Birch, Maple
Class of 1993
“While in the furniture program in 1991, Michael Fortune gave us an inspiring lecture in furniture design, encouraging us to use bright colours and curves in our work.  I pictured a purple and green wall cabinet with very curvy doors.  This piece evolved from that cabinet I had envisioned then.  This anniversary show, and a recent urge to work with more colour and shape, made this a fitting opportunity to let this piece out.


Coffee Table by Mike Gettler
Walnut, Maple, Sintro Plastic
Class of 1999
“Since I completed my training a Camosun I have had the good fortune to build lots of cabinets and furniture, but also custom bass guitars.”

Fir Bedside Table byTodd Buchanan
Recycled Fir, Coloured Galss
Class of 2003

Deco-inspired Mirror by Jonathan Jacob Lee
Western Maple, Jatoba, Glass
Class of 2006

Cabinet Fir My T.V. by Josh McDonald
Douglas Fir, Birch Plywood
Class of 2003

Ottoman by Graham Dragushan
Western Maple, Leather
Class of 2005
 “This ottoman has a reversible leather cushions – each panel may be inverted for use as a coffee table.  The form is based on elliptical curves that arise from my signature. Seen from above, there are no straight lines, making this piece complex yet delightfully simple.  The ottoman stands on tapered legs placed on the ellipse's axis.  The dramatic maple figure adds a shimmering quality and a sensation of motion. This piece is an evolution of my final project in the Fine Furniture Program (2005) which received the juried design award in the student exhibition that year.”

Untitled by Mike Furlop
Western Maple, Leather
Class of 2003
“When building this chair, I used the left-over and discarded wood that no one wanted to create the arms and legs, which, I think, gives the piece it's life.”

Ellis Desk and Chair by Rick Heatley
Pauferro, Walrus Ivory, Ebony
Class of 1995
“This piece is a blend of styles from Art Deco to Scandinavian.  The piece was kept intentionally simple to showcase the beauty of the materials, including the walrus ivory handles and ebony accents.”

Liquor Cabinet by Colin Shuert
Rosewood, Beech
Class of 2006

And Climbed Up Beside Her by Murray Tompkins
Planchonia, Ebony Plugs, Cowhide
Class of 2001
“This chair makes reference to the Arts and Crafts style of Gustav Stickley; simple lines and square spindles.  The name is derived from the ceramic panel in the chair back designed and produced by Pat Tompkins”



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