Double Duty Clamp Rack

by Brian Rajewski




One sure thing about clamps is that they’re never close enough when you need them. That’s why I devised this rolling rack. Its 4-in. locking swivel casters easily plow through sawdust and over cracks and power cords (see Source, right). To make this rack doubly useful, I designed it to work as an outfeed support for my tablesaw. Its 2×6 top inclines at a 5-degree angle so it’s top edge matches my tablesaw’s height. 

I made the rack from 2x4s, a 2×6 and 5/8-in. electrical conduit. Drill 11/16-in. holes for the conduit in the doubled-up 2×4 rails, spaced to suit your clamp lengths. Then cut the conduit in 18-in. to 24-in. lengths as needed and install them. To keep the clamps from sliding off, cap the conduit support arms with rubber chair leg caps from the hardware store.