Belmont Hill School Summer Program Students’ work part 3: Making a troller boat, or the early days of a marine architect. | Popular Woodworking Magazine
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William’s first woodworking project was a New England trawler boat. The kind of boat you see in the quaint  harbors of shore towns and villages along the North East coast. He started by devising a plan: a plan/top view, side view and cross section of the hull. From these drawings we extracted plans for each of the three plies, which after laminated together, made the boat hull blank.

Then he shaped the hull with chisels and gouges. To make the recessed
deck he drilled a series of holes using a forstner bit, and then removed
the remaining wood with a plow plane (Stanley # 71).

After a few days and lots of hand work with a coping saw, chisels and a paint brush, the boat was finished.

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I gave William a short piece of 1/2” thick poplar. He ripped it in half, with a hand saw, and planed each of the parts smooth and even with a #4 plane, to make thin stock for the cabin’s walls.

In this last picture, William’s boat is seen as she ply the stormy table-saw in chase of a mysterious sea serpent.

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