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case1I’ve long been looking for the perfect rug for my dining room (which may become my shop if I can’t soon find the perfect house in my price range, but that’s a story for another day), so I regularly troll a local online auction site, on which I can’t seem to keep from looking at things I don’t need, too (you never know…).

In today’s sale, there’s a “case full of various tools”; the tools include nothing that I covet. The case, however, offers an intriguing solution to storing a small set of tools while traveling.

A plaque on the outside of the beat-up hard case reads “Video Assist Systems Inc.,” so my guess is the two boards with attached pockets originally held various wires, connectors, power plugs and the like. The top board appears to be affixed to the case lid; the other folds down to rest atop two sections in the case bottom, which is divided horizontally.

For the last couple years while traveling, I’ve used a leather suitcase that looks cool, but requires wrapping everything in various tool rolls, old towels and the like for protection – which means the better part of the case is filled with fabric. If I sew some canvas pockets and attach them to rigid backers, however, I could save some room and keep things from rattling about.

Or I could just build a “proper” traveling tool chest (rumor has it we’ll have a nice example in our October issue).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Looking for tool suggestions with which to fill your chest (proper or not)? We now have the companion DVD to Christopher Schwarz’s “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” in our store, on which Chris shows you all the tools in his chest, and tells you why he chose the ones he did. It also includes additional step photos of the chest build that weren’t included in the book, among other things. (We also offer the book and DVD together at a special price.) Which reminds me…I need to order and attach the lock, and attach the hardware to my tills so I can call my ATC build done.

p.p.s. At the risk of revealing my favorite auction site and having to bid against you on the next “perfect” rug, here’s a link to the listing for the case (bidding closes tomorrow evening). Oh – and there’s also a small Gerstner chest on offer.

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  • keithm

    Dag. I check EBTH frequently, but missed this.

    Have you forgotten about Frank Klauzs’s tool box: ?

    I’ve admired it, even though it would not work for me, having to regularly go up and down steps in other people’s houses.

  • EBTH

    A BIG thanks to Megan Fitzpatrick for the shout-out! We LOVE what you found through our site! Thanks for being such an awesome advocate!

  • kebatronic

    this reminds me of a similar project I saw a few months ago…

    I’ve been wanting to make one of these for my tools as well. Just need to find a sweet briefcase.

  • Sawduster

    You’ll find it very handy and usefull I;m sure. And, the McGuiver in you is showing with your display depicting the Swiss Army knife. I’ll bet it’s “scary sharp ” like your plane irons?

  • kpinvt

    The same Stephanie Powell?

    Stephanie Powell
    President of Video Assist Systems Inc.

  • Daver

    Curse you Megan. I don’t need another place to spend money.

    Check out the aluminum cases at Harbor Freight. Very similar, and under $30.

  • Jonathan Szczepanski

    The box reminds me of some cases my father used to transport some of his photography equipment in.

    wait a second… Are you trying to create the newest phenomenon, The Fitzpatrick Effect? Are you in cahoots with this auction place, because the site looks really COOL! Thanks for the info.

  • tsstahl

    They still make and sell those cases at the likes of Grainger.

    I prefer the hard cases with the segmented foam inserts. You can customize a storage solution for anything that fits in the six hard walls.

    The problem with all of them is that it is insanely easy to hit the 50lb. mark long before it’s full.

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