Woodworking in a Small Shop

I know how hard working in a small shop can be. My shop is squeezed into a one-car garage that also serves as a storage area for most of the stuff my wife and I don’t frequently use. But [...]

3D Carvings with a CNC Router

I use my CNC router mostly to make small parts out of solid wood, MDF and plastic. Until recently, I had never done any 3D work with it. Then I saw a photo from one of the students in Build …

Using the SketchUp Move Tool

There are a few drawing tools I find myself using no matter what I’m working on in SketchUp. One of those is the Move tool. It lets me position objects exactly where I want them, but it’s [...]

Build a CNC Router is Back!

Our Build a CNC Router course is coming up again in April, and I’m really excited about it. I love building, programming and using CNC routers, but seeing the photos from students in this class [...]

4 Things You Can Do with a Jointer

The jointer is a versatile tool that’s more than just an electric replacement for a hand plane. This machine can do at least four different jobs well, and there are probably some imaginative [...]

Drawing Cabinets in SketchUp: Appliances

The hardest part of designing kitchen cabinets is choosing and accommodating appliances. A typical kitchen has a fridge, range, dishwasher, microwave and coffee maker. Some kitchens have trash [...]

How to Make Backs for Frameless Cabinets

There’s more than one way to make backs for frameless cabinets. Here’s how to choose the method that’s right for your project. Think about how many materials you want to use for the cabinet [...]

How to Start a Woodturning Cut

To turn wood safely, you need to know the correct way to introduce a cutting tool to a spinning workpiece. There are different ways to start a cut, depending on the type of tool you use. Here’s a [...]

Learning to Program a CNC Router

Have you ever used flashcards or CDs to learn a foreign language? To learn a new word, you read it from a card or listen to a native speaker say it in the new language, then you get an English …

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