Make a Tulipwood Salt Cellar

Next week on Woodturning with Tim Yoder, you’ll learn to make a salt cellar that features clever hidden hinges and a catch made from rare earth magnets. The project is made from a single blank of [...]

5 Books I Can Highly Recommend

In the 1990s, I had the good fortune to head the editorial team at Rodale Woodworking Books. It was an amazing time when, thanks to the talent of the editors and authors with whom I worked, we [...]

Two New Takes on Old Technology

To wrap up my new product coverage of AWFS, I’d like to talk about two new takes on technology that’s been around for years. The first is an instant glue that could be a godsend for [...]

More New Products from AWFS

This year’s AWFS show is clearly a showcase for innovative design. Today I saw two amazing computerized machines that could be game changers, as well as some clever incremental improvements [...]

New Products from AWFS 2013

When I attended the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta last year, it was a relatively slow time for new product releases, but manufacturers have made up for that this year at the [...]

The Art of Woodturning

Shown above is “Sunset,” an intricate segmented bowl by Hal Metlitzky. When I learned woodturning in the mid-1990s, my goal was simply to make bowls and platters with fair curves, [...]

Popular Woodworking’s New Editor

  Like many of you, I was sorry to see Matthew Teague step down as editor of Popular Woodworking, but I’m pleased to announce we’ve found the perfect replacement in someone you [...]

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