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Steve Shanesy Steps Down as Publisher, But Steps Up as Woodworker

After nearly 17 years with Popular Woodworking Magazine, I’m stepping down as publisher and business leader of all things woodworking at our parent company, F+W Media – that is, Popular Woodworking books, the magazine, the Woodworking in America conference and our web sites. But this isn’t so much a goodbye as...

VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part V

You should never expect a table saw rebuild to go without a hitch. In this episode of the restoration, the behemoth motor decides to give out. Looks as though the motor needs a rebuild as well as the saw. Get a firsthand look at the motor's guts and...

Handmade Hardware

For woodworkers today, using traditional joinery is an expression of skill and nostalgia, a demonstration of the mastery of techniques practiced every day two centuries earlier.