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About Don Williams

An insatiable curiosity about the way things are made, used and ultimately preserved has led Don Williams on a rewarding journey for more than four decades. Beginning in a furniture warehouse as a teen, his path led through the premier restoration shop in Palm Beach, Florida, a foundry pattern shop and almost three decades of conserving artifacts at “Our Nation’s Attic." He is currently pursuing a reclusive life filled with writing about Roubo’s monumental 18th-century cabinetmaking treatise, L’art du Menuisier, historic finishing materials and techniques and the legendary H. O. Studley tool cabinet and workbench. You can follow his adventures at:

hammer veneer

Hammer Veneering

Discover how and why this age-old hide glue technique works – and works best. by Don Williams One of the great hurdles for many woodworkers new to traditional craftsmanship is applying veneers to a wooden substrate. This becomes even more problematic when the task involves something more than laying down a...

In Search of the Perfect Wax Finish

My four-decade-long desire to identify, understand, replicate and develop new analogs to historic furniture-making materials has led me on some interesting quests and situations. Included in these would be learning a lot about tropical insects whose “sweat” is the foundation for the most amazing finish ever (shellac); studies of sausage casings,...