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Tool Test: Bridge City’s Variable-pitch Plane

 In August 2007 #163, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A unique tool that allows you to plane at high or low angles, with a bit of a steep learning curve.
By Christopher Schwarz
Page 26

From the August 2007 issue #163
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Say what you will about a handplane that costs $1,500, the variable-pitch plane from Bridge City Tool Works is so well made and engineered that its mere existence is an impressive feat.

Unlike other handplanes, the VP-60 has a frog that tilts forward and back, and this allows you to set the cutter at any angle between 30° and 90° to the sole of the tool. As a result, you can set the tool to really low cutting angles (great for end grain and softwoods) or to an ultra-high scraping angle to produce tear-out free cuts in difficult woods.

From the August 2007 issue #163
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