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Setting up the New Stanley Chisels

I finally found the time (it was between the couch cushions) to set up the new Stanley socket chisels. I’m working on the backs today, and here’s the news so far. Of the eight chisels, I’d rate [...]

Using a Hand-cranked Grinder

Many woodworkers fear the act of grinding. And “fear” might be too kind a word. I’ve had several woodworkers send me tools to grind for them (please don’t do this). Other woodworkers spend [...]

A crate from Brazil?

Yep, it supplied the wood for asmall cabinet.     The flat panels are just 1/4' luann plywood, from a different "crate", but the solid wood parts came from a [...]

Dado Storage Box

This handy box protects your dado set and even helps you set up your saw for accurate cuts. By Rick Campbell Pages: 82-85 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now When I purchased my dado [...]

Folding Sawhorses

The entire weight of your project rests on these supports. Make sure they won’t let you down. By David Thiel Pages: 76-77 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now You might think this is [...]

Portable Writing Desk

Writing letters longhand is one of life’s simple pleasures, as is building this traditional lap desk. By David Thiel Pages: 70-75 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now The portable [...]

Benchtop Router Table Stand

Save money and create more storage space with this smart shop cabinet. By Troy Sexton Pages: 64-69 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now At first it might seem a bit odd to build a [...]

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