Out of the Woodwork: Quit Crying and Get to Work - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In October 2005 #150, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

So you can’t afford (insert dream tool here). Boo hoo. Hit the flea markets then start making sawdust.
By Scott Grandstaff
Page: 112

From the October 2005 issue #150
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Yeah, you heard me.

Oh sure, I know exactly how it is. The new catalogs come piling into your mailbox and you’re drooling on your shoes. You need a 36″ planer and an infi ll plane stuffed with ivory and ebony, and 1,000 board feet of curly, high-color walnut. Yeah, you need them alright.

So, what? You’re just going to sit there and wish your life away? Get in the game. You simply cannot buy skill. You must pay your dues like everyone else.

From the October 2005 issue #150
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