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Connecting an Arts & Crafts icon with the men who made it 100 years ago.
By David Mathias
Page: 80

From the August 2008 issue #170
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On a Sunday afternoon not too long ago, I found myself sitting in a home in Southern California looking at the family heirlooms of a friend. It was great fun to watch him display these items with obvious pride in the accomplishments of his family. There were the typical objects: old photographs, business papers and personal items.

There were also drawings of historically significant furniture and tools used by highly skilled craftsmen. My friend’s name is Gary Hall. Peter Hall was his grandfather and John Hall his great uncle. Together with Charles and Henry Greene, the Halls helped create what many hold to be the ultimate expressions of the Arts & Crafts movement in America. The Hall’s contributions to the work of the Greenes are well documented, their place in history well deserved. Most fans of Greene & Greene know something of Peter and John Hall, the craftsmen. On that afternoon, I got to know a little about Peter and John Hall, the men.

From the August 2008 issue #170
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