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Woodworking in America-Day One

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I’m taking a quick break from the Woodworking in America Hand Tools & Techniques conference to share some photos of what is happening at the Valley Forge Convention Center. The show is off to a great start, and if you are anywhere near Philadelphia this weekend, you should stop by.

Admission to the market place is free, and the quality of tools and toolmakers present is amazing. Click here for a list of exhibitors.

Here is a batch of planes from Sauer & Stiener Toolworks. On the way into the marketplace is the hands on clinic area.

Ron Herman is presenting and giving help and advice on using handsaws,

Peter Follansbee explaining old school carving tools and techniques,

Chuck Bender is demonstrating inlay techniques, in the hands on bench room.

In the presentation area, video screens provide a close up view as Mike Wenzloff demonstrates saw filing.

While Mario Rodruiguez explains the fine points of fitting dovetailed drawers.

Gatherings like this don’t happen often, and there is still time to take part. You can buy a one day ticket for Saturday or Sunday, or you can take in single sessions. The market place is free, and the banquet tomorrow night will feature Roy Underhill. I’m heading back to the show, and if you can’t attend, they will be more postings on the blog over the weekend and next week.

–Robert W. Lang

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  • Nathan Pettigrew

    Will any of the sessions that were videoed be available online?
    Wish I could be there.

    Nathan Pettigrew

  • Doug Fulkerson

    Sigh. It looks like way too much fun. If only I could have been there. Living vicariously through you, Mr. Lang, so please post every chance you get.



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