Wmsburg Conference Day 1

Day one of the conference began at 8:30 with breakfast in the Wallace Dewitt museum cafe. At 9:00, Colonial Williamsburg cabinetmaker Kaare Loftheim took the stage to demonstrate the construction of a bureau table. It looked like a kneehole desk.

After a mid morning break, FWW author Dan Faia examined the feet of a Pembroke table. He finished the morning by carving the complicated hinge joint that attaches the brace to the side aprons that holds the leaves of the table up.

After lunch Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton looked at a federal dining chair. They explored the construction of its back the complicated relationship between the shoe molding the lower rail and the crest rail.

The first day of the conference wrapped up with journeyman Ted Boscana, building the elliptical Paladian window,prominently displayed on Mount Vernon’s facade.
My friends and I finished the evening with dinner in one of Colonial Williamsbug’s colonial taverns.

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  1. BruceWLove

    Thanks for the updates Adam! You are getting me excited as I am heading down on Thursday for Session 2.

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