Single Session Tickets Available for Woodworking in America

Glen Huey is picking up a trailer tomorrow morning, then we’re loading the workbenches up for the trip to Valley Forge, Pa., for the Woodworking in America: Hand Tools & Techniques conference Oct. 2-4. We’re bringing Christopher Schwarz’s Roubo and Holtzapffel benches, my Gluebo and Bob Lang’s 21st-Century Workbench. First, though, we have to clean them off. (I was going to pick on Bob here , that’s his bench pictured above , but frankly, mine’s not a whole lot cleaner at the moment).

There’s still time to register for the full conference (and there are still a few $100 shopping sprees for the available for full-conference registrants). But if you have only a limited amount of time, you can purchase Single Session passes on site for $35 each. That means you can spend an hour or three in the marketplace (for which admission is free), then take in a class with Roy Underhill, Toshio Odate, Chris Schwarz, Mike Wenzloff or any of the other hand-tool gurus we have lined up for the conference. Check out the schedule here.

We hope to see you in Valley Forge. Now I’m off to clean my bench.

, Megan Fitzpatrick

4 thoughts on “Single Session Tickets Available for Woodworking in America

  1. megan

    Ryan, those Single Session passes are available on site only, at the registration desk. The marketplace is open and free to the public – we may ask for your name at the door, but you don’t need to register in advance or anything – just come on down!

  2. Ryan

    Hi – Any information on how we register for a single session. The web site does not seem to list this option. Also do you need to register for the market place? Thank you Ryan

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