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Single Session Tickets Available for Woodworking in America

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Glen Huey is picking up a trailer tomorrow morning, then we’re loading the workbenches up for the trip to Valley Forge, Pa., for the Woodworking in America: Hand Tools & Techniques conference Oct. 2-4. We’re bringing Christopher Schwarz’s Roubo and Holtzapffel benches, my Gluebo and Bob Lang’s 21st-Century Workbench. First, though, we have to clean them off. (I was going to pick on Bob here , that’s his bench pictured above , but frankly, mine’s not a whole lot cleaner at the moment).

There’s still time to register for the full conference (and there are still a few $100 shopping sprees for the available for full-conference registrants). But if you have only a limited amount of time, you can purchase Single Session passes on site for $35 each. That means you can spend an hour or three in the marketplace (for which admission is free), then take in a class with Roy Underhill, Toshio Odate, Chris Schwarz, Mike Wenzloff or any of the other hand-tool gurus we have lined up for the conference. Check out the schedule here.

We hope to see you in Valley Forge. Now I’m off to clean my bench.

, Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • megan

    Ryan, those Single Session passes are available on site only, at the registration desk. The marketplace is open and free to the public – we may ask for your name at the door, but you don’t need to register in advance or anything – just come on down!

  • Ryan

    Hi – Any information on how we register for a single session. The web site does not seem to list this option. Also do you need to register for the market place? Thank you Ryan

  • Shannon

    $35 is a great deal for 90 minutes of woodworking wisdom. What a bargain!

  • Bob Lang

    You should have seen my bench before I cleaned up.

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