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Here are the Online Extras for the November 2010 issue.

Download the free SketchUp model for the Hanging Corner Cupboard.

Visit Mark Arnold’s web site to see more of his work.

Build Glen D. Huey’s “American Corner Cabinet.”

Discover the Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM).

Read “Making Furniture Masterpieces” by Franklin H. Gottshall.

In Our Store: Read “Building 18th-Century American Furniture.”

Read Bilderback’s article on how to install a Dutchman.

Visit the web site of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association.

Visit Brendan Issac Jones’ blog and web site.

Read a history of the Morgan library.

Read Bob Flexnar’s story on applying gel varnish.

Bob’s new book, “Flexner on Finishing,” is available at Woodworkers

Read more finishing articles.

Read Michael Dunbar’s blog.

Visit the web site of The Windsor Institute.

To Buy: “Windsor-Chair Making in America: From Craft Shop to Consumer,” by Nancy Goyne Evans.

In Our Store: Our new “Flexner on Finishing” book will help you try different finishes to age your pieces.

Blog: Read Robert W. Lang’s blog entries about his visit to a veneer mill.

Visit the web site for the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

Get veneer from Certainly Wood.

In Our Store: “The Woodworker’s Guide to Veneering & Inlay.”

Visit the web site of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. Join and attend a tool meet.

To Buy: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks makes replacement miter box saws in custom sizes.

Download the free SketchUp model for the Contemporary Shelves.

All the “I Can Do That” articles are free online.

Download the complete SketchUp model for the William & Mary Bookstand.

Think you have dovetails figured out? Watch Frank Klausz work his magic.

Continue with Frank Klausz to learn to master the mortise and tenon.

Take a detailed and in-depth look at Thomas Jefferson’s bookstand.

Learn more about William & Mary furniture in our April 2010 issue (#182).

Pick-up a DVD on turning basics to get started in the right direction.

For more Design Matters, read George Walker’s blog.

Read about Editor Christopher Schwarz’s visit to George R. Walker’s shop.

Purchase George R. Walker’s DVDs, “Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design”

Learn about “old-school” boring.

Read more about the Glen-Drake Dovetail Saw on our Editors’ Blog.

Video: See the basics of using flush trim bits in your router.

Website: Visit the Tricks of the Trade page online.

Tricks Editor Kari Hultman writes about woodworking on her blog, The Village Carpenter.

In Our Store: Get “601 Woodshop Tips & Tricks,” by Graham McCulloch.

In Our Store: Purchase “The Workbench Design Book”

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