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Grizzly Goes Canadian, eh!

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All you woodworkers north of the 49th parallel , I’m talking to those way north where it’s not convenient to drive to Washington State or into Pennsylvania , you now have the opportunity to purchase machines and other woodworking related stuff from Grizzly Industrial Inc.

Until recently, Canadians weren’t able to pick up the phone or go online to buy from a company that’s been selling tools in the United States since 1983. That all changed when the company negotiated a special deal with UPS to automatically process all customs paperwork for each Canadian shipment. Shiraz Balolia, president of Grizzly, says the company gets high-volume brokerage discounts and lower freight costs, “probably a fraction of the cost they would pay if they arranged those same services themselves. The way we have it set up, the customer just needs to place their order. UPS will then contact the customer to arrange for the duties, if they even apply, when the machine arrives. It’s very easy,” he says.

Grizzly offers 21 different table saws, 21 different jointers and 38 various types of band saws (among other machines), including the G0636X (shown here). It’s one of our favorite band saws and is coveted by most of the Popular Woodworking Magazine editors. (Below, you can download a review of the G0636X band saw.)

And here’s the best part of this announcement: Read most forums and you’ll hear nothing but praise for Grizzly’s customer service. They take care of any problems in the way a customer expects. It’s not unusual to see forum replies from Balolia himself , that’s something woodworkers are beginning to see from a few other companies. That builds trust.

Grizzly has a 200-seat call center with a large technical support staff to answer any questions or walk customers through any procedures. The company’s machine manuals are written in the U.S. and Grizzly has a parts warehouse with more than 1 million replacement parts in stock, including parts from machines more than 25 years old.

Congratulations Canadian woodworkers. If you do purchase from Grizzly under this new operating plan, please share your comments. And please send an e-mail my way.

– Glen D. Huey

Grizzly G0636X.pdf (438.67 KB)

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