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Greene and Greene from a Woodworker’s Perspective

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Many talented and able photographers have published photographs of the work of Charles and Henry Greene. I own most of the books and have spent many hours studying these, as well as images online. I usually feel some frustration because what I really want to see is often missed. I’m one of those guys that lags behind on historic home tours, down on my knees or laying on my back to get a close look at how things go together. The docent gets frustrated, the security guard gets ready to move in, but the other woodworkers understand.
The series of articles by David Mathias on Greene and Greene feature photos that are different than any that I have ever seen. The first article, the August 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking presented an overview of the style. The second article, in the October 2008 issue focuses on the furniture and joinery details.

My favorite thing about these photos is the point of view and attention to detail that comes from having a fellow woodworker behind the camera. Several of the photos are of familiar pieces, but you will see construction details you haven’t seen before. Many of the photos are of objects that are rarely if ever seen. This is a rare opportunity to get a closer look at an amazing body of work, through the eyes of someone who knows what you want to see.

Click the link below to download the PDF slide show of additional photos.
0810GnGSlides.pdf (1.45 MB)

The slide show from the August article is available by clicking here

– Bob Lang

Check out “Greene and Greene Furniture: Poems of Light and Wood” by Mathias David at

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  • Dan Clark

    *All* of the photographs are *beautiful*! And seeing the interior details, etc., is fascinating.

    Are you guys planning on publishing these materials in the future as a book?

    Thank you again for the very high quality photography.

    Dan Clark
    Tallahassee, FL

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