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Welcome to the December to Remember 2021 Sweepstakes!

Popular Woodworking Magazine and its sponsors will award one prize each day from November 25 through December 31. The prize pictured on each day in the calendar below is the prize offered for that day. To register for a chance to win each prize, you must enter on the day the prize is offered. You may enter as many of the daily contests as you like, but are limited to one entry per day.

2021 December to Remember

Nov 25 | Woodpeckers 1281 12″ x 8″ Precision Woodworking Square |

Nov 26 | Bessey K-Body Revo Kit, KRK2440 |

Nov 27 | Titebond Speed Set Wood Glue |

Nov 28  | Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Hollower 3 Piece Set |

N0v 29 | Bessey 12″ GearKlamps |

Nov 30 | Senco PC1010N One-Gallon Compressor |


DEC 1 | Drill Doctor X2 Drill Bit, Knife, & Tool Sharpener |

DEC 2 | Bridge City Toolworks DJ-3 Universal Drilling Jig |

DEC 3 | Knew Concepts 6.5″ Coping Saw |

Dec 4 | Steve Wall Lumber Co. 15 Bd. Ft. of Ambrosia Maple |

Dec 5 | Norton IM313 Sharpening System |

Dec 6 | Harvey Woodworking MG- 36 Miter Gauge |

Dec 7 | LumberJack Tools Beginners Accessory Kit |

Dec 8 | Drill Doctor 750X |

Dec 9 | Leigh Super12 Dovetail Jig |

DEC 10 | Armor Tool New Mini Jig Pocket Hole System with 350pc Screw Set and 3″ Face Clamp |

Dec 11 | Osborne Wood Products Club Round Bun Foot in Hard Maple (set of 4)|

Dec 12 | Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720 Pro|

Dec 13 | Easy Wood Tools Easy Mirco Tools 3 Piece Set |

Dec 14 | Kutzall 6″ Half-Round Hand Rasp |

Dec 15 | Woodpeckers DelVe® Square SS Inch Set with Rack-Its |

Dec 16 | 3M Worktunes Connect Hearing Protector |

Dec 17 | Armor Tool Auto-Jig Pro Pack plus 6″ Face Clamp and 750pc Screw Set |

Dec 18| Woodcraft WoodRiver Bench Router Table|

Dec 19 | Blue Spruce Toolworks Classic Marking Knife |

Dec 20 | Kutzall Extreme Shaping Dish (Coarse) |

Dec 21 | Senco 1 3/8″ 23 Gauge Pinner |

Dec 22 | MPower Tools Side By Side Diamond Stone |

Dec 23 | Armor Tool Butcher Block Dog Table (Plus Deluxe Dog Clamp Package with Casters) |

Dec 24 | Wagner Meters Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter |

Dec 25 | Woodpeckers Adjustable Track Square in a Systainer Case |

Dec 26 | Titebond III Premium Glue |

Dec 27 | LumberJack Tools Commercial Master Kit |

Dec 28 | ISOtunes Pro Aware |

Dec 29 | Ultra-ShearTM by Woodpeckers® Set of 3 Full Size Woodturning Tools |

Dec 30 | Uneeda EKASAND Electric 5″ Random Orbital Sander |

Dec 31 | Grand Prize: PantoRouter ALL-IN Package |

Product Recommendations

Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

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Showing 38 comments
  • jwmillerX

    Is there a page that shows the winners?

    • Collin Knoff

      We just started notifying winners via email yesterday.

      • axiopisty

        Have all the winners been notified already? Did I win the PantoRouter?

        • Collin Knoff

          We’re still waiting on some responses, then we’ll re-draw for the prizes that haven’t been claimed.

  • tomboysawyer

    Thank you, again, for a great giveaway. While the Gleam platform can sometimes take extra steps in order to not get 3rd party cookies (which isn’t safe), I still really value the opportunity to look at the daily prizes and get a chance to win.

    Many a wish list has been made because of this contest!

    • Maintz


      • Collin Knoff

        We just started notifying winners via email yesterday.


    Thank you for sponsoring a contest that is impossible to enter. Two years in a row.

  • cliff

    Will you post the winners at the close of the contest?

    • Collin Knoff

      Winners will be notified via email in January!


    Site won’t accept the daily entry nor the answer a question even though I’ve been diligently entering most every day. I even was able to log in for this post but the site says it expects a verification from FB, Instagram, Google etc.

    Please fix it.

  • cedardrawwoodworks

    This system this year is not working. I have had a “sorry, you are creating too many entries” error. But, I have never entered. No matter what I do, it does not allow me to enter.

  • RFA

    This contest title should be changed from “December to Remember” to
    “Deja Vu–Problems Still Persist for PW Readers Who Want to Enter.” As mentioned by others, the contest did not begin on the day you publicized. As has happened to me each year, halfway through the contest my number of entries went from 36 to 0. Nothing I try can get the system to show I have entered most days since the contest began, but it now shows 0 entries. For another year I am forced to stop entering the contest since I do not get credit for the numbers of times I have entered before. If I were one of your sponsors I’d stop supporting PW and this contest. It reflects poorly on the manufacturer just as I does on PW.

    • Collin Knoff

      The contest was published and live on the Popular Woodworking homepage on the date it was supposed to begin. The email sent out simply had an incorrect link.

      Looking at the back end of the system, all 36 of your entries are still there and still valid. You can continue to enter with that email address even though the counter has stopped working for you. If you go to and submit a ticket, they can look into why the entry counter isn’t displaying correctly.

  • Jeff Ray

    I know PW said they haven’t change anything, but I’ve never had trouble registering for a sweepstakes before. Now, it’s happening EVERY SINGLE DAY. I try to log in, then have to get a Gleam recovery code, then have to do the stupid Captcha validation. It almost isn’t worth it.

  • woodenbats

    I finally figured out that I had to log in a second time, and then by clicking on the second of the eight ways to enter – ‘Click for Daily Entry’ – each day I was entered. The issue seems to be how to ‘register and sign up’ for many of us. Usually the words ‘register’ and ‘sign up’ mean the same thing.
    Please listen to your readers – this is a poorly designed site and process. Indifference to our frustrations can undo any trust you build in your content as well as your promotions.

  • rhoppe

    On the first day of sweepstakes I got this message
    Come back on 11/25/20201 to enter….after trying several times on 11/25/21.
    I sent several message, but never received an answer…
    Did everyone have this problem? Did I/everyone loose out on that first prize?

  • rhoppe

    How do the bonus entries work? Do you get the extra bonus entries for each prize, or only for the final grand prize?

    • Collin Knoff

      The bonus entries are 1-time entries for whatever day you choose.

      • rhoppe

        You should state that in the beginning, it looks like you have to select all entries on the first day. Of course the first day did’nt work!!!

        • Collin Knoff

          Just under the company logos: “Standard entries are limited to one per day, bonus social media entries are limited to once per contest.​”

    • richard westover

      I can’t even figure out how to enter. Clicking on the date does not work

      • Collin Knoff

        You can enter the contest by filling out your email for the newsletter at the top of the page- right underneath the image with all the sponsor logos. That unlocks the rest of the entry options.

  • annaoop1941

    I found your site very confusing as to how to get to the eventual entry into the Sweepstakes. I guess I finally made it but was almost to the point of saying “I give up”. Past years have been easier.

    • Collin Knoff

      Sorry to hear you’re having issues- can you describe what’s happening? This is the same software program we’ve been using for years.

  • GaryB

    This entry form is very confusing, not clear on how to enter, I guess I signed up again for newsletter already getting was one but also says 8 ways to enter but can’t see what the other 7 are or how to get to them or did I already enter as it also has 0 entries in the header. And why didn’t I get this notice at the beginning and not halfway through, and will I get one each day? I finally sent the link to my wife to figure out and she said this is not how she sets up landing pages. I am totally confused.

    • Collin Knoff

      Once you complete the newsletter sign-up (the contest software is separate from our email software, you will not start receiving double emails) the other options will automatically appear.

  • rhoppe

    When and how will the winners know that they have won?

    • Collin Knoff

      Winners will be notified via email in January.

  • overworkedretiree

    Yes, I am a real person. Just because I do not do social media, I cannot enter. If social media is what it takes to exist, I’m happy to stay in my own world.

    • Collin Knoff

      I’m sorry, but the bonus entries are linked to social media. You can still enter every day without it though.

      • GaryB

        This is actually Gary’s wife because he got so frustrated he was about to throw his computer on the floor. Just so you know, this page is not working well. I could not get any of the bonus to unlock yesterday so missed out on that and apparently the entry I thought went through did not so the tool. Truly needs a redesign. I run our company marketing and this looks like you hired cheap help to do this landing page as it is very poorly designed.

  • scm

    I cannot find a place to actually register.
    Lots of advertisements and telling me to register.
    But no place on this webpage to actually do it.

    • Collin Knoff

      Right below all of the company logos it says “8 Ways to Enter” and you have to start by registering and signing up for the Popular Woodworking Newsletter underneath that.

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