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Od Bandsaw blades

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Before you throw out those old, broken, or dull bandsaw blades, go "Green".      Take that old blade and make strips about a foot or so long.   When you have a nice handful, tape the ends together and make a rasp.    Alternate the teeth as you assemble the strip.  You can make them  as wide as you want, or just a few strips.   If the blade is a course one, you have a rasp.    If the blades are fine toothed, you now have a "rifler" file.      A few strips, taped together, can get into those tight spots.    One could even build a wood handle by cutting a groove for the strip to fit into.    IF you have a way of brazing, or welding, you can use that instead of tape.     Anyway, beats throwing the old blades out, doesn't it?

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