New York’s furniture fair 2013 – part 2

Walnut seems to be the predominant wood used by designers these days. Take for example these pieces by Don Howell from Brooklyn NY who sell them via CAVIAR 20 gallery, in Toronto Canada.


Another walnut piece by Howell that I liked was this coffee table with retractible tambor doors. 

Some of the most intriguing furniture that I saw at the ICFF are wooden pieces covered with a concrete-shell by Swiss-American furniture maker Patrick Weder. Weder, now a Brooklynite, developed a formula for a smooth concrete skin that can be applied directly on wood surfaces. The thin (about a 3/8" thick) skin can expand and contract with the wood without cracking. 


Fabulous concrete exterior and quality craftsmanship of the interior makes this case of drawers one of the highights of the show. 

New Colony Furniture is yet another design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Founder Annie Evelyn showed a line of chairs with segmented seat and back made from end-grain, metal or naturally looking broken concrete skin. These tiles are glued to a soft foam base that give and deform to the shape of one's rear end.  It is quite an interesting experience I must say. 

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