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James’s stool

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In this project James wanted to build a stool with slanted legs. Teaching my students how to make a simple dado is something I have done many times before. But, teaching a student to make an angled dado that will accommodate a leg slanted 80 degrees?  I came up with a nice jig. Using the table saw I cut a wooden straightedge that had one of its edges cut at 80 degrees. Then I gave in to James and he clamped it onto the stool's seat, exactly on the pencil line that marks the intended dado (James marked the angled dadoes using measuring tools). Then he started sawing by guiding the blade along the angle-edge of the straight edge.

Next, he released the clamps, flipped the straightedge and moved it to the other line that marked the dado width. He sawed out down that line too and cleaned the dado floor with a chisel.

After leveling the dado and cutting the rail that connects the legs together, James assembled the stool. We used screws to secure the rail to both legs.

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