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Chela’s Chicken Coop part 1: construction

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My friend Chela loves chickens. She loves them so much that the first few weeks after they arrived (in the mail, if you can believe it) she hosted them in her bedroom. But then the chicks grew so much that a chicken coop had to be built, and fast!

Like a true friend after my own heart, Chela did not go to the local hardware store for virgin lumber.  Instead, she searched her community for reclaimed lumber and other building materials and she built the chicken coop mostly by herself. Last weekend she came up against a more difficult task and solicited my expertise (and free labour, if we’re being honest).  I had the honor of helping Chela put up one half of the coop’s roof.  What’s funny, and what Chela likely didn’t know until reading this, is that I always had the fantasy assisting with a roof installation. I think it was initially evoked from watching a movie where a whole community, Amish most likely, helped erect a timber frame roof and i’ve been dreaming about it ever since.  Don’t judge…

In the picture below you can see how Che’s coop projects evolved.

Among the helpers: Chela’s doughter, her dad, brother, and a few more friends… and of course Tweety (a.k.a. Vanilla Cookie, depending on who you ask), the oldest hen.

1. Che’s daughter, and hen.

2. The tenants.

coop making 3

3. Building materials.

4. Che and her dad, Will, hauling the coop’s base.

coop making 2

5. Hen house in progress.

Notice the cedar shingle roof!

6. Myself hammering a nail.

7. Resting for a moment.

8. Che’s brother, Jonah, installing the other half of the roof.

coop making5

I will keep you posted as the work continues.  The chicken coop will get a coat of paint and some additional details before the tenants move in.

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