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If you love planes and hand tool woodworking, you will find this video quite interesting. It shows Matt Bickford, a Connecticut based plane maker, teaching how to make a reverse ogee with an ovolo moulding using wooden moulding planes. The video accompanies an article that I wrote for the current issue of American Woodworker. Matt Bickford's story is quite remarkable. He used to be a trader on the stock market, but then about three years ago he majorly changed careers to become a plane maker. Here is a preview of the article.

Click below to see the video.

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Mixing finishes. Almost any finishing product can be applied over any other as long as the “other” is dry and the product you’re brushing doesn’t dissolve and smear the existing. I applied a water-soluble dye to this mahogany. Then I applied a thin shellac “washcoat” as a barrier so the water-based paste wood filler I used wouldn’t dissolve and smear the dye. After the filler dried, I brushed polyurethane. I alternated water-based, alcohol-based and mineral-spirits-based without any problems because each previous product was dry.