Christina Pupos folded chair

In June 2012 I taught a furniture design class at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Penland is a fantastic place with the best facilities, staff, students, and perhaps most importantly: [...]

‘Rivet’ Your Furniture

This strong and simple – but uncommon – joint imparts a decorative touch.

by Christopher Schwarz pages 22-25 After 20 years of making furniture, it’s not every day that you [...]

A Shaker Stool For The WorkshopPart 4

In Part 3 we trimmed the leg with a compound cut so that it sat flat on the floor and was flat with the seat. We also modeled the seat and put one hole, for one leg in it. Today …

Application Problems

Solutions to a baker’s dozen of common finishing difficulties.

by Bob Flexner pages 58-60

It’s easy enough to provide instructions for applying finishes. But in the real [...]

Friday’s Tip for March 28th

Cutting Multiple Parts One day my wife asked me if I would make her 58 shields for awards day at her school. Usually when I cut multiples on my scrollsaw I tape or screw the parts. This time I [...]

Making Things

I’m into making things. I always have been. That interest may very well place me in the majority of human beings alive today – not to mention throughout history. But interest is one thing and [...]

I Need a Bit of Retail Therapy

As many of you may know, I’m the midst of redoing my kitchen; its age and decrepitude (“drecrapitude?”) was a common “complaint” about the house during my months [...]

Q & A: Cordless Impact Drivers

Q & A: Cordless Impact Drivers   Q: What’s the difference between a cordless drill and a cordless impact driver? A: An impact driver is specifically designed to drive threaded fasteners. [...]

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