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A Shaker Stool For The WorkshopPart 4

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Four Leg Holes, Four Legs and Two RungsIn Part 3 we trimmed the leg with a compound cut so that it sat flat on the floor and was flat with the seat. We also modeled the seat and put one hole, for one leg in it. Today we are going to cut three more holes in the seat. We will then have to use some tricks to create the correct top and bottom surfaces. Next we will copy three more legs into position, even if it is only temporary. Lastly we will create two rungs, each different in length, but the second being a simple lengthening of the other. The trick to creating the rungs is to bring back the splay planes to locate the rung axis and to locate where the rung axis intersects the legs axis. Part 4 demonstrate how we can make use of drawing resources we have already created to further the completed model. As usual I will demonstrate this modeling effort in a video. And as usual, butter and salt the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

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