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Shop Tool and Storage Cabinet

When I was a new woodworker in the early 1980s I was in need of a general-purpose shop tool and storage cabinet. I had recently completed a cabinetmaking course at the Los Angeles Trade Technical [...]

What I learned at the Design Build Show

After spending a week at the Design Build Show in Boston with some of the region’s most talented furniture makers, it is safe to say I learned a few things… Here are the top 10, in no [...]

Q & A: Why are new chisels so dull?

  Q & A: Why are new chisels so dull?   Q: Whenever I buy a blade, like a tablesaw blade or a router bit, it’s always sharp.How come when I buy chisels they’re duller [...]

A Pencil from the Tailor Helps Sawing

For me, one of the biggest challenges when working with dark-colored woods is marking them out for sawing and chiseling. Knife lines and pencil lines disappear into the tangle of growth rings and [...]

French Dovetails or Sliding Dovetails

Before I jump onto my soapbox to spout off, I’ll share a bit more about drawers for my upcoming workbench. I plan to have two stacks, each with five drawers. Sizes range from a small [...]


This is the start of a 6 metre x 5.040 metre decking.Before there was old decking which was solid 6 x 2 timber,with household internal flooring 6 x 3/4 inch.None of old was treated or tanalised. [...]

New Workbench Build

In 2006, as I began my first round at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I was told I had to build a workbench. Even with then editor Christopher Schwarz chest deep in workbench publications, it [...]

Woodworking Sex Appeal

Have you found members of the opposite sex pay more attention to you after they discover you’re a furniture maker? Or, after taking up the craft, your spouse brags to all her friends that [...]

Design Build Show 2013

If you’re in the Boston area, I’m envious – because you can attend the Furniture Project’s 2013 Design Build Show, which starts tomorrow, Feb. 21, and runs through Feb. 24, at [...]

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