Upgrade Your Contractor Saw with a Shelf and Dust Collector

Add Dust Collection and a Handy Shelf to Your Contractor Saw

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Here is a simple solution to two issues: the need for a convenient place to put the rip fence and miter gauge when not being used (as well as push sticks, featherboards, etc.), and a way to close off the underside of a contractor-style table saw to provide a surface to mount a dust port. I used a piece of 3⁄4″ medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cut to 32″ x 24″. Unbolt the saw from the stand and raise it about 1″ using sawhorses and shims. Slide the MDF between the saw and the stand, and mark the location of the mounting holes through the stand. Remove the MDF and drill slightly oversized mounting holes at the marked locations. Cut a hole for the dust collection port at this time. Now slide the MDF in place and bolt the saw to the stand. Longer mounting bolts may be necessary. Fasten 1⁄4″ x 1″ strips to the edge of the MDF to provide a lip to help prevent items from sliding off. Finally, screw the dust collection port to the underside of the MDF.

– Thomas Sage

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