Tool Review: A New (?) Jet Mortiser

An old friend dropped into the Popular Woodworking shop this week. You know how nice it is to see old friends. Memories flood back about the first time you met and the times you’ve spent [...]

New DVDs on Hand Tools Now Shipping

If you’ve ever struggled with sharpening a card scraper or using your handplanes while building furniture, there are two new DVDs on these topics you should find useful. “Hand [...]

Videos, Interviews and Techniques

Whenever I meet with a new woodworking group for a seminar or an event of some kind, I give them background on my early days in woodworking and me. One area I touch on is how I learn from my …

Shaker Tall Clock Video & Plans

Have you checked out the article on the Erastus Rude Shaker Clock in the current issue of Popular Woodworking magazine? I had a great time working with Bob Casey on building our interpretation of [...]

Think it Can’t Happen to You?

We’ve all read the advice: Always spread out your oily rags on a table to dry, or drape them over the edge of a trash can, making sure they don’t overlap. Why? Because oxygen [...]

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