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Have you checked out the article on the Erastus Rude Shaker Clock in the current issue of Popular Woodworking magazine? I had a great time working with Bob Casey on building our interpretation of the clock. I think it turned out great. The best part is that the clock , in all its finished glory , sits directly behind me here in the office.
If you studied the article and looked at the plans, you’re probably wondering about the hood columns. Here they are. It’s a simple turning project. The front two columns are made according to the plan, tenons and all. The actual turning part is a 10-minute job per column.

The back columns are half columns that are split from one turning. That profile doesn’t have the tenons at the top or bottom, but the balance of the turning matches the plan. How do you get those half columns looking like the front columns? That’s the subject of the video we have on our web site. Check it out, too.

Click to download the PDF of the column plan. Shaker Clock Column.pdf (26.79 KB)

Click to view the video.

, Glen D. Huey

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  • geppetto425

    I hope this gets to you! I’m finally getting around to building the Shaker Tall clock, actually making two of them in Walnut. But I am confused about part of the instructions… in constructing the base it says: “Determining the length of the panels for the base is a matter of measuring the waist, adding the width of the spacers and cutting to the correct length.” For the life of me I don’t understand what the heck that means! What spacers? And the plans already have the measurements so what is there to determine??? The next paragraph says the same thing only in more detail so now I am doubly confused. And I am not a novice…any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Glen


    Plans for the clock were part of the article in August 2007 (issue #163). If you don’t have a copy you’ll need to order a back issue (

    For online extras you can click on the highlighted links in the above entry.If you have any questions, please click on my name to contact me directly.

    Build Something Great!
    Glen D. Huey

  • Bob Kanar

    Where can I obtain a complete set of plans for te shaker tall clock Popular Woodworking june 2007

  • Ving

    I liked the video and copied the link into my plans library for future use. My wife wants one of the clocks. However, the link to the PDF didn’t work.

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