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Glen Huey is managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, an accomplished period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books and videos (as well as magazine articles).

Holtey No 983 6 reduced size

Thank You Karl Holtey

An interesting e-mail dropped into my inbox yesterday. Across the top of the message was simple written “Karl Holtey.” Knowing that name, I eagerly opened the message. And if you’re mouth juices are beginning to build, you too know that name. Along with three photos came a short press release about a new addition...


Always Check the Basics

Most everyone is familiar with the saying “When the editor is away the other staff members will play” (or you’re familiar with a similar saying). Late last week and early this week, our editor was away for a short vacation down south. The other staff members, two of whom were legitimately working on upcoming...


Top 6 Ways to Become a Better Woodworker

These are my top six ways to elevate your woodworking game. I present them in reverse order, so if you’re looking for the top way, jump to the last entry. .6 Don’t point out your mistakes. Most woodworkers always begin to show a piece by stating what’s wrong with his or her work. That...

LV Plastic Handle Butt

Butt Chisels & Butt Mortise Planes

In the short video posted last Thursday (1/30/2014), Christopher Schwarz talks about chisels. At the tail end of the clip, he talks about butt chisels where he mentions that these chisels are shorter and have great balance when knocking out dovetail waste, but you use a bench chisel for that, too. So why do...


Short Video with Christopher Schwarz

As editors, we search our two web sites ( and constantly for information for the online extras portion of all  articles and most columns – the information, we hope, is both relevant and interesting. While searching the sites, I often come across books, articles and DVDs that have scads of interesting information, including...


Finger Joint – Another Corner Joint

Most of my projects have some form of dovetail joinery. Drawers have half-blind and through-dovetails joints, and drawer dividers generally attach to the case with sliding dovetails. In fact, other than the Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand from the August 2013 issue (#205), I cannot remember the last project to come out of my shop...

8_Chair Seat

2013 Popular Woodworking Magazine Favs – Part 2

In a continuation of selecting my favorite articles from the issues of 2013 (read part 1 here), below covers the August (issue #205) through December (issue #208) for the year. My hands-down winner from the August 2014 issue is the article written by Mario Rodriguez, “Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat.” Jigs...