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Tipsy Tablesaw

Planning to rip several boards to width on his tablesaw, my friend stacked them on the extension wing to the left of the blade. After cutting each board, he placed it on the saw’s right-side extension table. Sometime during this process he unknowingly knocked loose the extension table’s support leg.

The last board had to be cut wider than the others, so he slid the fence to the right. From what he can remember, that subtle shift in weight was all it took: The saw tipped to the right. My friend dove for cover as the board he was about to cut slid into the spinning blade and shot across the shop. Meanwhile, the stack of lumber on the extension table tumbled to the floor and knocked over all the boards that were leaning against the wall. Fortunately, the commotion didn’t cause any serious damage to the shop—or my friend. Lucky guy! -Bob Kraby


Cabinet Door Demo

While studying the painted kitchen cabinets in her new house, my girlfriend said, “Refinishing these cabinets is going to be our first project.” As I’m a reluctant handyman, she recruited a friend to help. After some research, they decided to use a power washer to strip the paint from the doors. They carefully removed the doors, took them into the back yard and set up the first one. Then they turned on the power washer. In a matter of seconds, the water blasted holes right through the door’s thin panel. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. -Larry Dulock

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