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Learn How to Bend Wood – and Win!

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If you’re following our daily e-mail newsletter, I hope you were inspired by Wednesday’s article by David Marks. That bent wood lamp is a nice project at any level of experience. But if you are scratching your head and looking for a little more information on how to bend wood – using either bent lamination or the other “cold” techniques – be sure to visit our free downloads page and check out the PDF on that topic.

You’ll notice right away that this is not just another free woodworking download. Our behind-the-scenes guy decided to make it special and launch a little contest along with the download. We are giving away free subscriptions to our ShopClass streaming video site to a few lucky winners. Three things about this:

1. We already have 19 photo submissions. See the sample of six pictures below. Submit your own photo today! If you have any trouble with the submission process, just e-mail me and let me know.

2. We need voters! Get in there and cast your votes for favorites. Keep in mind that the idea behind this was to be somewhat playful – so you can even vote for photos that show “epic fail” wood bending in action. All we’re counting in the end is the number of votes, with no judgment on “good” or “bad.”

3. Make it social. If you have submitted a photo and you also have a few friends or family who pay attention to you, then you could win this contest! All you have to do is share the link to the voting page, via e-mail, social media or carrier pigeon. It should only take your voters a minute or two to complete the process.

It seems to me that the only thing better than free is free plus more free. And that’s what this combination of woodworking download and contest is all about. Here are the sample pictures of what has been sent in so far:


As always, please use the comments section below to ask us anything about wood bending or to tell us what you think of the program! We appreciate the feedback and we want to help.

Dan Farnbach

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