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tea table videoAh, the glamour of being on camera. The trailer with your name on the door…M&Ms separated by color to meet your needs…people hustling around to keep you happy and hydrated. Fans swarming you at openings and asking for your autograph. Relaxing at the pool and waiting for the reviews to come in. Right!

Tell it to Alf Sharp. Alf spent a week with us shooting “Create a Newport Tea Table” and after driving his station wagon from Tennessee filled with the lumber and tools he needed for the video (no roadies here), we worked him for eight-to-10 hour days. No trailer, no flunkies and no M&Ms. Sorry Alf.

The best example I can offer for how hard our hosts work are the two photos below. Alf at the beginning of the day, and Alf at the end. Again, Sorry Alf.

tea table video

Alright! Let’s Get Started!

tea table video

Whew! I’ll be in my trailer…

Don’t get me wrong; we have fun, we feed our hosts well and we do everything we can to keep things calm and comfortable. What I want to impress on you (our viewers) is that a lot goes in to creating the videos that hopefully entertain and educate. So next time you’re watching a Popular Woodworking video, think of both Alfs. We’re working hard to further your woodworking experience.

Alf’s video (all seven hours of it) is now available for download, or as a DVD by following this link.

– David Thiel



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  • seancphillips

    At least this proves I am faster than the pros at one thing. It only takes me about one-eight of the time it took Alf to look like photo 2.

  • pmac

    Those pics could also be used as a PSA about the importance of wearing a shop apron.

  • gumpbelly

    The NO M&Ms would be a deal breaker, just saying.


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