Power Tool-Friendly Workbench

For woodworker’s that have a garage shop, space is a premium, and that’s when storing tools, and having a place to use tools are paramount. With this clever workbench (from our American Woodworker archives), you have convenient storage and a place to use shorter power tools like the router table, table saw and jointer.  On the other end of the bench, you can store taller tools like a spindle sander or bench top planer – bonus, the bench becomes an outfeed table! For good value, the top incorporates a router table and a vise, and the whole thing is mobile. Pretty slick and pretty handy! Take a look at the video below, and plans are available.

– David Thiel

2 thoughts on “Power Tool-Friendly Workbench

  1. pmac

    Thanks David. These old American woodworker videos and posts are fun to watch and read, which brings me to a small request. Would you please put a link under blogs heading in the menu bar above for the archived posts of the American woodworker editors. Here’s the link: http://www.popularwoodworking.com/author/american-woodworker-editors . Every now and then I go back to reference them and it takes a while for me to find them. I’m sure others might be interested.

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